Monday, October 30, 2006

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, 1974. Lives and works in Lisboa and in Tangier, Morocco.
Architectural studies in in Milan and Venice.
Phd in History and Theory of Contemporary Art and Architecture (Paris I - Sorbonne and EHESS) The main subject is the public and the private collectionism space directed by Hubert Damisch; Jean Claude Libensztejn and Umberto Eco.

Invited teacher at "École des Beaux. Arts" - Paris and in "Universidade Independente" - Lisbon

Art practice in "Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual (Ar.Co) and Escola de Artes Visuais Maumaus - both in Lisbon.


2006 You couldn’t sit in the same room twice, Galeriarmazém, Lisbon - Portugal
Studio Tables, Convento das Bernardas, Lisbon

2005 Ver, ser visto e máquinas de ver, Instituto Franco Português, Lisbon - Portugal

Haitis, Arts in Marrakech, Galerie Youraziz, Marrakesh, Morocco

Artist Residence, Villa Leon L’Africain, Tangier, Morocco

Open House, Eric’s, Tangier, Morocco

D’apres, Themudo Barata, Monte Estoril, Portugal

ST, Inside Hall, Lisbon, Portugal

Reflexos, Casa de Sta. Maria, C.M. de Cascais, Portugal

2001 The Last Tangier , Palácio da Independência, Lisbon, Portugal

Wall at Qta de S. Miguel - Ar.Co Almada

This wall have some of my paintings, drawings, some "carnées de voyage", and some other references of my work. (July 2006)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Studio Tables

1. ST (Studio Tables) is a serie of works done on doodeling on the studio tables.
They all have 200x120cm (the 2 studio tables sise) and has been made from 2005 until now.
The work is no more then work the painting and drawing issues on the same table used also as the support of all stuff such as painting oils and acrylics, pencils, pens etc.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ST (studio tables) - Ateliers Convento das Bernardas

The tables of the studio were covered with paper. This was the beggining of this work made on this 200x120cm shits of paper.

ST (studio tables) - Atelier Qta S. Miguel

you couldn't sit in the same room twice Video: cor, som, 30'

wall at "galeria de colares" July 2006 - details - paintings

studio walls

studio walls

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

long live to revoluion

period room #05 john withworth's chippendale dinning room in tangier

John said to me:
-This could be a little bit a showing of but as you are an architect I like you to see my Chippendale dinning room. I'm sorry I can't move so I'll ask Aziz to show you the way.
John Lived in the Old Mountain of Tangier. Now The house is empty after his death.

period room #011 the bored exhibition period room #04 the alive room of the getty villa

J. Paul Getty collects objects. He displayed it in his place - the Malibu Ranch in California. Than he dicide to buil a "Villa". Inside the roman inspiration building he create some other atmospheres: The period rooms are full of his objects but ghosts free. It is rare to see someone from the past still living in there.