Thursday, November 30, 2006

based on a true event 1 - animal#01 - pencil on paper 20x29cm

based on a true event 1 - animal on china put back on it's natural habitat (project)

Monday, November 27, 2006

cavali - dapres p ucelo - oil on copper 18x24

Friday, November 24, 2006

2 men in a room - Tangier / oil on wood / 18x22

office man 3 / oil on wood / 18x22

office man 2 / oil on wood / 18x22

office man 1 / oil on wood / 22x18

Thursday, November 23, 2006

tomas colaço 23 nov 2006

studio tables on the studio wall

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

canal1 - oil on paper - 30x22

factory1 oil on paper 30x22

studio table 22 nov 2006

spanish reporter - oil on paper 26x28

chineese business man - oil on paper - 16x22

Monday, November 20, 2006

tres carapaus - oil on wood - 18x24

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tomas Colaço - the morning after photo - 19 nov 2006

list of guests for the open studio -18th nov 2006

Cat Luiz Gomes
Filipe Sousa
Fernanda Cal y Cal
Pedro Reynolds Sousa
Manuel Bragança
Dulce Bragança
Teresa Cabral
Nuno Fevereiro
Ana Lopo de Carvalho
J. Guimarães
Graça Fidalgo
João Araújo
Isabel Melo
Luís Cancela de Abreu
Ana Luísa Sousa
Fernando Faria
Alda Cortês
Antónia Barreiros Cardoso
Catarina Castro Freire
Cristina Neiva Correia
Emilinha Csta André
Madalena Reis
Inês Reis
Becas Fiuza

living together

things are never too ranged in here

everything looks quiet and calm afterwords

than comes saturday and than sunday

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tomas Colaço - about me now

quick lunch at home

drawing (destroyed)

drawing (destroyed)

the sun is shinning and it is a hot day, salad.

Friday, November 10, 2006

still hungry 1 with real estate

two ST with objects

some snaks

ST (studio table) planets - oil (...) on paper 200x120cm

This ST have some images of planets ans a few other forms

ST (studio table) boat - oil (...) on paper - 200x120cm

ST (studio table) Pompei - oil (...) on paper 200x120cm

This one is a quiet way of seeng Pompei on a chair

ST (studio table) foot - oil (...) on paper - 200x120cm

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

lunch time at qta s mig 2

Today you have moroccan sardines with a green stuf that looks like the portuguese "ervilhas". Not bad after all.

lunch time at qta s mig

This time you have a delitious and original "Valentina" soop. It's a traditional portuguese soop done by an Ukranian lady.

deliver it to manuel c cabral

agenda 12th dec 2006

agenda 12th dec 2006
today I'm In Gulbenkian with Miguel Honrado and Manuel Costa Cabral

aw (artwork)
. St – Remake
. St #19 do the folder – get some nippers – cut it right
. Final cut Lx Almada1 / Lx Almada 2 / photoshop

period rooms - artadentro - Faro 17th feb 2007 - patterns on the floor and on the walls
languages – Instituto Camões- Lisbon 2007
photos emaus
go eat a steake on a table put on the slaughter-house or something a little more discret or eat a steake on the prary with the cows. Cows die for us like christ did but he was not eated.
two images of people moving a little in final cut

.Patrícia Figueiredo – learning through images and repetition
wait 4 the answer - go to Coímbra 2 c herwork out)
. VPF – mm think, talk to H about
t-shirt – REMOVALS / mudanças

. Draw MCC – Gulbenkian – photograph - deliver it (thursday?)
. Ipod – actualize – phones?
. Mac – tidy up (set in order)

car key